South Africa Project

Interested parties are welcome to inquire regarding a small eco village in South Africa. Serious inquiries only. Blueprints have yet to be created yet.


Maui Eco Village

We are currently raising $3.5 million for an Educational Eco Village on the island of Maui. The project is a little less than 20 acres and has a senior management team in place. Interested in becoming a resident of this eco village? Buy in starts at $50k. Please contact us for more details.

Eco Village Consulting

Axis Global Group is involved with Eco Villages in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Africa, and New Zealand. We offer design consulting, fundraising, management consulting, team building events, and organizational development assistance. Axis Global Group generates revenues from these projects, and sometimes offers assistance to those which are non-profit organizations.

iPad & Tablet Stands

Axis Global Group is working with a designer who has produced a proto-type for an iPad stand which is child-friendly, easily portable, furniture-safe, and in our focus group testing, everybody wants one! Our biggest has been finding a stateside supplier of the specialty material its made from, but we have a few options.  With the right investors, we will sell this handy stand worldwide.


Eco Fragrance

Upon learning the synthetic fragrances are arguably the most toxic substance in most homes, our team at Axis Global Group set about formulating eco-friendly & human-friendly fragrances for home & personal use. Our lines of scents are made with the highest standards and are ready for investor inquiries. This includes either the home sprays and/or eco perfume for women and eco cologne for men.