AXIS GLOBAL GROUP is based in the San Francisco, California, USA area. We began years ago as a response to the diverse people in diverse industries who needed help with their projects; most of which were sustainable-minded. The eco-villages, hi-tech start-ups, eco luxury brands, et al, all substantiate this endeavor. Today we have a team of people working on these projects in various locations, here in the USA, as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, & South America.

AXIS GLOBAL GROUP is a subsidiary of AXIS MAGNA GROUP, a consortium dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions to our global village, especially in the areas of health, entertainment, business solutions, technology, & design.

In the area of eco real estate, we are working on several sustainable development projects which focus on wellness, well-being, & sustainable resources for both residential, commercial, and mixed-use communities, as well as urban re-development, all using well-being principles of holistic lifestyles, including, classical, Chinese feng shui for harmonious design; & green living practices. We are also aligned with socially responsible investments around the world which contribute to local communities both here & abroad, including, third world development and social sustainability. This website is an opportunity to introduce you to our company, our projects, and raise the necessary funding for advancing these socio-environmentally-conscious and community-oriented visions.

We have selected projects for both North America, as well as outside the USA. Our commitment to eco-efficiency drives us because we love the planet and her inherent beauty. Clean air, pure water, healthy sunlight, rich soil; these are the things which we hold dear. We design such real estate developments, residential, commercial, & mixed use, including fragrant gardens, wherever possible.

We also plan tours of various gardens world-wide, including butterfly gardens, the Rose Festival in Bulgaria & Lavender Festival in Provence, each year in June, to help promote our efforts in general. People generally feel better after spending time in beautiful gardens. They provide a comfortable opportunity to learn about sustainable practices, including sustainable investments & social sustainability.


In the area of hi-tech start-ups, we have a couple projects ready for investment capital. These projects include tablet accessories & mobile apps. Our portable tech stand works for phones & tablets. We are looking for a manufacturer for our project and require more seed funding. Our mobile app projects are in the area of dating, art history, life coaching on demand, meditation, and other personal growth topics.

Please review our site and contact us with your questions, comments, or request to set-up a time for us to discuss how you can support these business investment opportunities which will provide communities with more wellness & lifestyle options, while minimizing impacts on environmental resources. You may request an electronic presentation after a brief introduction is arranged by phone.



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